Terms and Conditions

Return Policy for Custom Made Tables and Table Tops

Our handcrafted live edge, slab and solid hardwood table tops are non-refundable custom made items and cannot be returned for refund. We do, however, stand behind our craftsmanship and will make every efforts to see that our clients are satisfied through solutions provided and chosen at our sole discretion and upon written consent. If, however, there are any non-finish related structural issues that absolutely require a replacement top or table we will replace the table or top after having received and inspected the table or top that is to be replaced. For any non-structural issue including finish: No exchange and or replacement will be allowed without our written consent and agreement, and return shipping or transport is the responsibility of the purchaser for any non structural or finish related issue.

If however, at our sole discretion, a refund is agreed to in writing, a 20%" restocking fee will be assessed for "standard size" hardwood and live edge tables unless they have been modified or custom cut for angles and / or data grommets. Tables that were custom modified as noted above will be subject to a 40% restocking fee if a return and refund is authorized by us in writing. Attempted chargeback efforts and or and stop payment of a check that disregards our policies will be considered attempted fraud.

Addressing Shipping Damage and Our Policy on Approved Finishes and Re-finishing

With shipping and or delivery there is always a slight chance of damage. Most often slight shipping damage is an easy repair and can again be addresses in many ways, that again, are at our sole discretion. For more serious shipping damage, a claim must be filed with the shipping company in question. Most often the claim is the responsibility of the purchaser unless we expressly agree to originating a claim. That said, damage is a rare and usually very minor occurrence and can most often be addressed easily and painlessly. With regard to any finish related issue or damage, please note that the finish is a very minor part of the overall value of a table or top even though our heirloom quality finish is unrivaled. Finish issues can be fixed easily and our proprietary finish system allows for repairs that can be undertaken by a novice.

Easy fixes to finish issues such as color, scratches and even dents that may even occur at a later date are simple to address. The value of your top and / or table is in the craftsmanship and the solid hardwood. Finishes that are applied without consulting us or applied by a third party without our approval will void our warrantee of the table, top and craftsmanship. We have dedicated years to develop an easy maintenance, durable and ring free finish that is of heirloom quality and strongly advice doing anything not sanctioned by us in regard to finish and finishing. Please avoid ruining your table top with the use of a non-approved finish as we are here to help in that regard.